“Safety is more than a Priority, it’s what defines us”.

At Ron Lee Construction we are committed to the Health and Safety of our workers, customers, the communities in which we operate in and the environment.

Our safety culture is an integral part of our organization from the front line employees to the president. That is why, safety begins prior to starting the job by having our HSE professionals review the scope of the project and identify any potential hazards. At which point our safety team will provide any additional training, assistance or advice required to ensure a safe working environment.

Throughout the project we continue to foster a safe environment by:


Daily Tailgate Meetings


Weekly Foreman Meetings


Weekly workforce Safety Meetings


Worker feedback/Observations


Mentorship program


Open door policy

We believe in continually improvement and are proud of being recognized by our customers and industry associations for our excellence in health, safety and environmental protection.


We the management of Ron Lee Construction Inc. accord the highest priority to the health and safety of all persons who work or visit our workplace. We recognize the right of all workers to work in a safe and healthy work environment and commit to our responsibility of ensuring this environment is provided and maintained for the prevention of injuries and illnesses.

 We shall abide by the Occupational Health & Safety Act R.S.O. 1990, c. O.1 and Construction Regulations as the minimum HSE standards by which our company shall conduct our activities and shall ensure continuous compliance with this, other HSE legislation, standards and any other applicable requirements as they pertain to our operations.

 We welcome the participation of all workers in the HSE system we have developed at RLC, and we will work in a spirit of consultation and co‐ operation with workers to review and improve the processes, safe work practices and procedures established to ensure continuous improvement.

In pursuit of the goal of continuous improvement of our HSE Management System and HSE performance, we shall also ensure HSE objectives are set, communicated and reviewed to target areas for improvement or revitalization. This shall be done on at least an annual basis.

All workers must be aware of their responsibility to protect their own and co-workers’ health and safety, all supervisors and managers must be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of workers in their crew or department, and the Management of RLC is responsible for the health and safety of the company overall. These responsibilities are documented within Accountability statements specific to job title, and all parties must review and accept these accountabilities to ensure awareness.

This policy shall be reviewed at least on an annual basis and make available to all interested parties through posting and other communication channels.

Kevin Lee,
January 7th, 2022


Environmental Policies
Each job will require a site specific assessment to identify and/or correct any environmental hazards.

  • All work must be conducted in an environmentally responsible manner
  • All workers, Contractors and Sub-Contractors must be aware of any environmentally sensitive areas in or near a job site; and
    any environmental restrictions or procedures that may apply.
  • All personnel must clearly understand all environmental concerns, regulations and conditions specific to each job site
  • Environmental plans and permits are considered contractual documents and will be enforced as such
  • Any personnel that violate environmental procedures may be removed from the project at the discretion of Ron Lee
    Construction Inc.